Rise and Recline Chairs

Rise and recline chairs in Rugby

Made-to-measure chairs

Rent Mobility Ltd supplies both new and second-hand chairs. We can supply chairs for any requirements, i.e. different widths and depths and we also supply heavy-duty bariatric chairs, caring chairs and bed chairs. We always have a range of these chairs in stock, some we can get in within a couple of days. We can also get made-to-measure chairs for your specific requirements. 
mobility furniture

Mobility furniture

We supply furniture that helps you to ease your posture and maximise your comfort. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will be happy to help you a chair or recliner that best meets your individual requirements.
mobility recliner chair

Mobility furniture

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Rent Mobility Ltd supplies high-quality rise and recliner chairs to customers in Rugby and beyond. For more information, call today on:

0800 083 2622 or 01788 810 666 
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